How to Gain Decrypted Visibility with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring
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Webinar: How to Gain Decrypted Visibility in Public Cloud with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring

Encryption of all traffic in the cloud is a widely adopted best practice. The new TLS 1.3 standard with Elliptic-Curve Diffie Helman (ECDH), perfect forward secrecy and ephemeral keys renders most traditional decryption methods ineffective and out-of-band decryption essentially impossible. Combined with the distributed and elastic nature of cloud computer architectures and the use of third party services, enterprises have been forced to choose between security and visibility or between security and modern architectures.

Join us for a “How To” webinar covering the newest possibilities for decryption in the public cloud. During the session, Steve Perkins, Chief Product Officer and Erik Freeland, Director of Customer Success at Nubeva, will discuss the complications and opportunities surrounding the new TLS 1.3 protocols. They will walk through how organizations can implement encryption best practices and also gain full decrypted traffic visibility for intrusion detection, threat hunting, incident response and beyond with the newly announced Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and industry-leading open source monitoring tools. Learn more about decryption with VPC traffic mirroring here.


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