Nubeva Technical Brownbag
RansomeLess Decryption

Mask Group 3-2

Overview of Nubeva's Ransomware Reversal Solution

Nubeva announced the successful expansion of our patented and award-winning software technology to enable the decryption and recovery from crypto-based ransomware attacks.  During this live session, Nubeva's technical product team will provide an in-depth overview of the SKI decryption technology for Ransomware and answer questions.  

What is it? The SKI software runs on a computer and can learn and intercept copies of encryption session keys to enable fast and efficient decryption.  Nubeva has been licensing SKI to the cybersecurity industry for years to allow lawful inspection of encrypted network traffic.  

Status: Nubeva expects to release the first versions of its ransomware product for enterprises, OEMs, and MSSP’s in December 2021. Now accepting early adopters and promotion partners. 

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