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Fuel Your Monitoring Tools NetFlow 

The ability to capture and distribute NetFlow from public clouds is a challenge that has left security and network
monitoring solutions crippled. With our NetFlow service within the Nubeva's Elastic Packet Processor (EPP) fueling your
trusted monitoring and analysis tools NetFlow IPFIX from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud services is now possible. 

Technical NetFlow Image


01 Packet Capture

Capture cloud packets using cloud tap or Nubeva Agent and send seamlessly to Nubeva EPP.

02 Export NetFlow

Nubeva’s EPP exports NetFlow from PCAP and prepares the stream for distribution.

03 Distribute NetFlow

Set destination to any routable IP address to fuel any solution that analyses NetFlow.


Nubeva Prism's NetFlow solution enables a variety of monitoring use cases for the public cloud previously untapped.  

At its core, Nubeva Prisms NetFlow services introduces the ability provide IPFIX telemetry, as well as full PCAP, to any IP routable destination from your public cloud with advance performance - simply and affordably. 

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