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Nubeva Proven in Third-Party Testing at MISI

100% Key Capture Rate and Successful Ransomware Decryption Highlights Nubeva’s Significant Achievement
in Ransomware Defense

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Nubeva Ransomware Reversal (NuRR) is a breakthrough technology to decrypt ransomware. The solution provides the fastest and easiest way to restore data and systems when attacked, with the promise to minimize downtime and associated costs and damages.

In May of 2023, NuRR entered into a month-long, third-party technology test effort at the highly regarded MISI DreamPort facility to support these bold claims. The evaluation aimed to assess the effectiveness and robustness of the first-of-its-kind ransomware defense technology. This evaluation tested NuRR against modern ransomware samples seen in recent real-world attacks and assessed the overall solution architecture.


The results were overwhelmingly positive and demonstrated the efficacy of the NuRR platform. The following are the key statements from the final MISI report:


NuRR successfully passed all seventeen (17) tests outlined in the test plan with zero (0) reported test failures.


NuRR demonstrated a 100% key capture rate from the tested ransomware, which included prominent ransomware such as Lockbit, Ragnar Locker, and BlackBasta.


Decryption was effectively performed using captured keys, validating the product’s full capability and value lifecycle.


The NuRR system was found to be simple, secure, and user-friendly. The Azure cloud backend was trivial to implement, the endpoint agent did not introduce any observed system instabilities, and the system did not open network ports or introduce vulnerabilities.

"MISI is excited about this product and believes it shows real promise. Decryption is arguably one of the fastest and lowest data-loss means to recover data from a ransomware attack and, as such, represents a new potential layer of defense. Given these testing results and the simplicity of the NuRR decryption solution, we feel NuRR represents a very real potential safety-net for organizations to consider."



Who Is MISI? 

MISI is a cybersecurity nonprofit fueling the people and technology needed to solve critical cybersecurity challenges. MISI’s three pillars of focus include: small business and academic engagement, STEM and workforce development, and proof of concept innovation. Through collaboration with small businesses, academic researchers, and non-traditional members of the cybersecurity community, MISI serves as an intermediary and helps connect U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and the U.S. government to the innovative products and solutions needed to advance the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities.

MISI operates programs out of MISI facilities, including two nationally acclaimed Cyber Mission Accelerators with over 100,000 square feet of space: DreamPort and MindScape. DreamPort was created in partnership with US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) as a non-government-owned or operated independent facility to provide cyber national mission forces and partners with continuous innovation in cyber capabilities.

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