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A Definitive Guide To Modern Network Decryption 

A Case for Nubeva SKI in a TLS 1.3 World and Beyond


State of the Visibility of Encrypted Traffic

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Reality of Network Inspection Today:

  1. Nearly all traffic is encrypted for security and privacy.

  2. Organizations rely on security inspection and application monitoring technologies to inspect that traffic.
  3. When modern encryption inhibits inspection there is a threatening challenge - and it isn’t just a security threat - but a threat to the robustness and effectiveness of these trusted systems.

Nubeva offers an evolved option to enhance, augment or replace legacy decryption techniques such as forward-proxy, reverse-proxy, and passive intercept. 


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Nubeva Session Key Intercept

What is Nubeva SKI? 

Nubeva’s Session Key Intercept (SKI) is an enterprise-class, production-grade system for extracting TLS session keys from every TLS session between client and server endpoints, forwarding these keys securely to passive or inline decryption systems, and discarding the keys when decryption is done. Keys are extracted from session memory without interfering with the session handshake, without using PKI, or certificates, and without interfering with application behavior.




Read Our Definitive Guide to Learn How SKI Can Be Applied to Common Decryption Use Cases

In this guide, we break down trusted decryption methods - Forward Proxy (aka Man-in-the-Middle), Reverse Proxy (aka Session Termination/ Offloading), and Passive Intercept. Dig deep into the pros and cons of each method, changes that are imminent, and describe how Nubeva SKI can be used to fill growing gaps without disruption.  


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