Elastic Packet Processing Service for Public Clouds
Nubeva Prisms Service Processor (PSP) Delivers New Elastic Packet Processing Services

Cloud First Packet Processing for a Cloud First World. 

The Nubeva Prisms Services Processor is available now in private preview. The solution features elastic packet processing (EPP) functionality – a high-performance container delivery service that autoscales to filter and multiplex cloud packet traffic between sources and destinations.

Deploying security tools to monitor workloads in the cloud is extremely difficult. This lack of sufficient security monitoring and alerting in the cloud is a barrier to cloud adoption and cloud maturity. Nubeva is on a mission is to solve this problem.  The release of the Nubeva' Prisms EPP handles the heavy lifting of advanced filtering and replication of cloud traffic between sources and destinations, the first of many services to come. 



Solution Highlights: 

  • Massive Low-Cost Performance and Thoughtful Gains: 10 times or more than any other traffic mirroring product, Nubeva's solution is the best solution for traffic mirroring at cloud speed. 
  • Application Performance Boost: Maximize your workload’s bandwidth by minimizing mirrored traffic to tools with advanced filtering and replication to multiple destinations.  
  • Cloud Network Optimization: Dramatically reduce the amount of extraneous data flowing across your cloud network by filtering a single, mirrored packet stream and replicating it to multiple destinations.
  • Enable Security and Forensic Storage at the Same Time:  Send processed packet streams to security tools like IDS while - at the same time - sending full, unfiltered packet streams to indexed storage. 

Download our technical product brief for additional detail and schedule a demo to see it in action.